Studio Marco Piva illustra i suoi progetti in Africa

Studio Marco Piva is demonstrating significant commitment in the African architectural context, contributing to the reflection on the socio-cultural evolution of the continent. The attention towards Africa in the field of architecture and design has become tangible even at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, which chose to explore the theme of the relationship between Africa and the Western world, with a focus on decolonization and the social and cultural redemption of the entire African continent. Under the guidance of Armando Bruno, founding partner and CEO, SMP has consolidated a prominent position in the African market, presenting a diversified portfolio of projects ranging from hotels to residential areas and resorts. The professional commitment is accompanied by a deep personal passion for Africa, demonstrated through frequent trips to different countries on the continent.
An important aspect of SMP Studio’s work in Africa is the commitment to social projects that aim to improve the quality of life for local communities. A significant example is the ongoing research project in Nigeria, which focuses on addressing the urgent housing needs of the region. Many residents currently live on boats, which also serve as their main source of livelihood. To address this issue, Armando Bruno, in collaboration with Navigo Toscana, the largest network of nautical companies in Italy, is studying solutions aimed at creating affordable and sustainable floating eco-homes of various sizes. The main material used is bamboo and other materials obtained through recovery processes, such as phytoremediation hemp. The residences will be interconnected through a shared pedestrian corridor, making pathways more efficient and safe.The project involves the use of energy storage systems as well as the establishment of floating fish farming and agriculture, recognizing their crucial role in the daily life of the local population.  
In the context of African architecture, there is also significant development of high-level residential projects for private clients. A tangible example involving SMP is located in Lagos, where construction has begun on a green-immersed residence designed to ensure constant security. The realization of this project presents an extremely complex technical and construction challenge. Urban areas are prone to frequent attacks by both sea pirates and criminal gangs from the mainland. Therefore, security is the top priority for future residents without compromising the aesthetic aspect and the pleasantness of the surrounding environment. There are numerous projects in West Africa, such as a recent residential complex in Accra, Ghana. The chosen location for this project is Cantonment, a residential neighborhood known for its diverse international community. This multicultural environment attracts residents of various nationalities, including many embassy officials. The architecture and interior design project is currently under construction.Another interesting project in Accra is located in a place called Airport Hills, a recently developed area strongly integrated into the hill, just outside the city center. This place offers a peaceful atmosphere, a sense of security, and the opportunity to live in close contact with nature, creating a pleasant environment for residents.Four other new residences are under construction in Accra, this time in the Gold Coast, a renowned coastal region famous for its beaches and historical sites, including the residence of a well-known local pastor with a chapel open to the community. Another interesting project involves the construction of a day hospital clinic in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo. This facility is part of a larger project that includes the construction of a new hospital and medical research center, which will be the largest in the region.Another recent project by SMP Studio is the construction of an hotel in Casablanca, Morocco. The hotel design integrates the cultural heritage of the place and traditional Moroccan motifs with elements from Italian culture. Studio Marco Piva continues to be involved in numerous other ambitious projects. Currently, they are working on masterplan designs in Algeria, Ivory Coast, and Egypt, with the aim of contributing to the redemption of these countries and projecting them towards a diversified future. The consistent commitment to the development of projects of such magnitude demonstrates the determination to use architecture and design for progress and transformation. Source : Studio Marco Piva