Turismo, Milano lancia il progetto “FLY TO MILANO: BOOK 2 HOTEL NIGHTS, GET 1 FOR FREE”

Milano&Partners, in collaboration with SEA Milano Airports, Assolombarda, Confcommercio – Federalberghi Milano, Confesercenti – ATR,and NEXI, the European PayTech, launches Fly to Milano, a promotional campaign to boost tourism to the city, valid from December 1, 2021 to March  31, 2022.

In spite of Europe being currently besieged by a resurgence of the pandemic, Milano and Italy are doing well, thanks to a very efficient vaccination campaign – rates in excess of 90%, booster injections being rolled out – and rigorous health protocols. In fact, starting December 6, new measures are introduced to make sure that the country stays safe for tourism and business, including what the mainstream media call the “super green pass”, namely the fact that only green pass holders that are vaccinated or immune will be allowed access to theaters, museums, restaurants, stadiums and discos, while the basic green pass (which includes negative PCR and antigen swabs) is required for hotel and fairs and to board buses, trams, subways, trains and planes.

Milano&Partners, SEA Milano Airports, Assolombarda, Confcommercio – Federalberghi Milano, Confesercenti – ATR, and NEXI are launching the Fly to Milano campaign, which gives an extra night to visitors coming to Milano by plane who have booked at least two nights. The promotion starts on December 1st and lasts until March 31, 2022. It will allow holders of plane tickets to the airports of Malpensa or Linate who book at least two nights in one of the hotels affiliated to the initiative to extend their stay by one night for free. This applies to all air travelers coming to Milano, either from an Italian or international departing point. The initiative is sponsored by the city hoteliers’ association acting through YesMilano, whose website features the complete list of participating hotels. Hotel owners are free to customize the offer, so that guests might be able to save the third free night for the next time they come to Milano. Fly to Milano starts right at the beginning of December, to entice visitors to come for the Scala Premiere on the day of the St. Ambrose, when the Christmas holiday season officially starts in Milano.

December is also the month of “The Christmas of Trees”, the format conceived by the city administration to rekindle the spirit of Christmas, with the hope of a complete rebirth after a long period of fear.

Eight city squares, Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Scala, Piazza San Carlo, Piazza San Fedele, Piazza Cordusio, Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio and Piazza Tre Torri will host sustainable Christmas tree installations. The spirit of the initiative is to hold all those in Milano during the Winter Holidays in a long and warm embrace of light and friendship.

Martina RivaCity of Milano Deputy for Sports, Tourism and Youth, says: “In Milano we do not content ourselves with mere talk of a restart, we directly implement actual initiatives to make it happen. That’s why we are offering a third night for free in the hotels that are affiliated to the Fly to Milano promotional campaign, dedicated to those who land in one of our airports and book at least two nights in a Milanese hotel. I am convinced that thanks to the Fly to Milano, the renowned Christmas of Trees, and the many other events that the City Administration has planned for the holidays, Milano will be an attractive as well as safe tourist destination for those who want to spend a vacation during the Christmas holidays in our glittering city“.

Luca Martinazzoli, General Manager of Milano&Partners says that “We are extremely proud to support the entire tourism sector which has been and will still be facing a challenging situation. Through this initiative, Milano&Partners aims to support Milano’s unique attractiveness. This is why we are very happy that many hotels in different parts of the city are taking part in the initiative: this will allow our Guests to discover Milano and its multiple facets.

Nexi, as a system company, is ready to support initiatives such as Fly to Milano, since these initiatives bring benefits to the country, create value for society and the territory, involve institutions, businesses and citizens – says Enrico Trovati, Merchant Services & Solutions Director of Nexi – This is why we have developed a best-in-class technological platform, which allows accommodation facilities in the Milano metropolitan area to benefit from a digital showcase that offers users a convenient and immediate experience for bookings and payments“.

SEA Milan Airports is pleased to participate, together with Milano&Partners into this initiative which involves all players of the Hospitality’s Associations of the city of Milano. The collaboration among all the partners involved that led to the launch of the initiative “Fly to Milano“, underlines the importance of working in synergy with all the stakeholders of the territory to achieve common objectives in promoting the attractiveness of Milan as a destination and support the relaunching of the hospitality sector“. Andrea Tucci, VP Aviation Business Development, SEA Aeroporti di Milano says.

Leveraging on the international attractiveness of the city of Milan towards foreign tourism is strategic for the recovery of the sector” – said Gianluca Scavo, President of the Tourism Group of Assolombarda -. “Numbers are encouraging. Arrivals to the city have risen rapidly with the reopening starting from March 2021 and have increased further in Summer. Maintaining this recovery trend is important and, in this direction, Assolombarda has always supported initiatives, such as Fly to Milano, aimed at encouraging touristic flows and enhancing the territory“.

Federalberghi Milano, linked to the main hotel Italian Network, Federalberghi, supports the project: “Our city is today the most glamorous, fascinating, modern town in Italy! Fly to Milano it’s a good chance to tell people all over the world that it’s easy and it can be worth to come and spend three incredible wonderful nights here!”.

Rocco Salamone, president of ATR Milan hotel association – Confesercenti, adds: “We have enthusiastically joined Fly to Milan project because it goes in the right direction to stimulate tourists return in our city: incentives to extend their stay, international promotion of Milan destination and simplicity in booking a hotel“.

Source : Milano&Partners