ULI prepara il “Greenprint Performance Report Update” e costituisce un “Valuation & Portfolio Management Committee”

«We have launched our data collection process for the Greenprint Performance Report – Volume 4.  We will collect data through the end of May and plan to publish the report in early July. I look forward to presenting you with the new report.
Over the past six months, we have made great advances in our software platform functionality. For one, we have moved from capturing whole building data to capturing space use information. This will allow you, as a building owner, to explain how your building is performing on a more granular level. Additionally, we have made the system easier to use. Not only is the user interface more intuitive, but the workflow and status updates are more informative and easy to follow.  We are now in the final stage of streamlining the benchmarking to make sure that you can access all of the analytics and benchmarking capabilities online.
Greenprint has established a Valuation and Portfolio Management (V&PM) Committee. The committee’s goal is to analyze and evaluate the relationships between real estate investment financial performance metrics and the environmental performance metrics established in the Greenprint Performance Report.  The committee chairs are Lynn Thurber and Chuck Leitner».
Source : ULI