Union Investment cresce nel residenziale in Germania


Open-ended real estate fund Unilmmo: Wohnen ZBI continues to grow. Following the successful acquisition of seven sub-portfolios comprising some 5,000 residential units in total, the fund’s assets under management have risen by EUR 258 million to EUR 781 million, with the one billion mark due to be reached later this year. The newly acquired properties in the portfolio are split across 11 different states in Germany and reflect the fund’s broad diversification. The locations contributing to this increase include large cities such as Berlin, Munich and Dresden as well as established medium-sized towns such as Magdeburg, Oberhausen, Weimar and Zwickau. Two sub-portfolios each totalling approximately EUR 20 million are located in Diepholz in Lower Saxony and in Marl near Dortmund, North-Rhine Westphalia. The seven sub-portfolios involved are worth between EUR 2 million and over EUR 90 million.

Unilmmo: Wohnen ZBI was launched jointly by Union Investment and ZBI in July 2017. It focuses on properties that offer affordable living space for the wider population, with medium to high amenity value. Geographically, the fund is open to investment opportunities throughout Germany.

Source : Compay