Aprirà nel 2020 a Firenze il primo “25hours Hotel” dell’ omonima catena tedesca

The new 25hours Hotel Firenze sits directly on Piazza San Paulino in the old town of Florence, just round the corner from Central Station. Comprising three properties, the building ensemble has 173 rooms and 10,750 sqm of floor space.
An Italian restaurant with a fresh design is taking shape on the roofed patio of the historical bank building from the 18th century. A characteristic café will enliven the Piazza San Paulino, while an elegant bar will celebrate the culture of sophisticated drinking.

“Italy has topped the list of preferred locations in our expansion strategy for some time now, so we’re particularly delighted about our imminent launch on the Florentine market. The building itself has huge potential, and the spacious public areas will certainly get our creative juices flowing”, says a visibly excited Florian Kollenz, Chief Development Officer at 25hours Hotels.

Renovation of the partially listed complex of buildings is in the capable hands of the Florentine architects from Genius Loci Architettura, while interior designer Paola Navone is sure to add surprises to the design and development. Blending tradition with modernity in her typically wilful style, we can look forward to her playfully personal take on the dichotomous forces of Dante’s Inferno and Paradiso.

Source : Company