Berlino, riapre l’ Hotel Radisson Collection di Union Investment, con una nuova lobby a “giardino verticale“

Vertical garden with 2,000 plants is new focal point of hotel lobby. Resource-efficient living tree concept incorporates existing structure

The Radisson Collection Hotel in Berlin’s DomAquarée complex is set to be relaunched with a new lobby concept. At the reopening currently scheduled for the end of this year, a 16-metre-high vertical garden will be unveiled as the new centrepiece of the hotel lobby. Covering around 120 square metres, the vertical garden rises to the sixth floor.

Nearly 2,000 plants of 22 different varieties have been planted on 36 vertical elements that mimic the shape of a tree. The structure can be illuminated in various ways depending on the time of day, creating a special atmosphere in the lobby and in the newly designed bar area of the hotel. Guests staying in the inward-facing rooms in particular will have a spectacular view of the vertical garden. The high-quality design of the living tree with its towering trunk – 6.5 metres in diameter – is rounded off by an abstract treetop extending 24 metres up to the transparent roof of the atrium and measuring 20 metres in diameter.The natural planting presents a harmonious appearance that will change as the plants grow, delivering an exceptional experience for guests and ensuring a pleasant indoor climate via an integrated watering system. The plants also act as a green air filter that absorbs noise and reverberation. The installation work is due to be completed this summer. The living tree concept will continue to evolve up to the official opening, becoming more attractive day by day with denser vegetation and further growth of the plants and trees.

Sustainability is also a major focus of the stylish installation in terms of use of resources, operation of the garden and the subsequent care and maintenance of the vertical planting by gardeners who will climb the structure. The concept incorporates the existing supporting structure built for the former giant aquarium, which suddenly and unexpectedly burst in December 2022, severely damaging the lobby of the Radisson Collection and numerous shops around the hotel.The remaining 12-metre-high base of the former AquaDom, made from 150 tonnes of concrete, was deliberately left in place. This prevented the around five tonnes of CO2 stored in the concrete from being released into the atmosphere. The horizontal base is being landscaped with some 600 plants and trees.

“By reusing the base of the aquarium as the plinth for the living tree, we avoided the high CO2 emissions that would have resulted from its demolition, removal and disposal,” said Lars Kirmse, Head of Asset Management North at Union Investment, who is responsible for DomAquarée.The decision to reuse the base is not only environmentally friendly and economical, it also makes it possible to meet the planned reopening date of the hotel. The lifts, which were completely destroyed in the accident, are being specially manufactured and will be delivered by the summer. Final installation of the living tree is due for completion in August.Alongside preservation of the load-bearing structure, existing technical infrastructures such as utility areas and waste water pipes are also being reused in the new design. A smart dynamic lighting concept with efficient, controllable LED spotlights enables the vertical garden to be illuminated to create different moods and support plant growth. The plants have been specially selected for indoor greening. “The living tree creates its own living ecosystem that can potentially expand further throughout the whole complex,” said Lars Kirmse.

“The lobby of the Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin is gaining a new highlight with the living tree. Sustainability is a vital component of the Radisson Collection brand and we’re delighted that it’s a key feature of the new lobby concept,” said Yilmaz Yildirimlar, Area Senior Vice President of the Radisson Hotel Group. “We’re busy preparing for the reopening at the end of this year and are also renovating the hotel’s conference area and restaurant, in addition to the lobby. Our aim is to give our guests a real five-star experience that is brand new for 2024. In the summer, we’ll be providing further details about the new restaurant concept and the relaunch of the Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin.”With regard to the around 700 acrylic fragments from the shattered aquarium, it has been confirmed that the 90 tonnes of acrylic glass debris will be recycled in the summer by a certified waste disposal company and fed back into circulation.

Source : Union Investment