Cambi al vertice per SEGRO

A new Strategy, Investment and Innovation team has been created in recognition of the unprecedented changes to society primarily driven by technology and urbanisation.  It will ensure that SEGRO has a clear and consistent approach to continue to navigate and benefit from these in the future, while enabling the Company to become more agile in supporting its customers and other stakeholders.

·         With SEGRO’s portfolio re-structuring (which started in late 2011) now complete, Phil Redding, who has played an instrumental part in this process, will step down from the board and leave the Company in April. 

·         Local investment activities will now be embedded within the operating teams, alongside the existing asset management, leasing and development functions, under the leadership of Andy Gulliford, Chief Operating Officer – with overall portfolio planning (and the central investment team) becoming part of Soumen’s new team.

·         SEGRO’s core strategy and its pure focus on warehouse & industrial property will remain unchanged, with Disciplined capital allocation and operational excellence remaining at the core of the Company’s business model.

Source : Company