Domicil Real Estate Group compera da KGAL il “Four West” portfolio, 500 appartamenti nei dintorni di Colonia e Francoforte

Munich-based Domicil Real Estate Group (Domicil), an established, owner-managed investment and real estate service provider, has purchased residential buildings in the Cologne and Frankfurt metropolitan areas. These comprise 500 residential units in Neu-Isenburg, Cologne-Urbach and Frechen, all constructed between 1972 and 1994, with a total area of about 36,000 square metres. The portfolio was sold by the special funds KGAL/HI Wohnen Core 2, which is advised by KGAL Investment Management. Moreover, the company Service-KVG HANSAINVEST was involved in the sale in an administrative capacity, while Cushman & Wakefield accompanied the structured transaction process.

The seller exclusively commissioned Cushman & Wakefield with accompanying the transaction.

Source : Joint  release  C&W / Domicil