Il caso dei maxi conti veneziani : il Sindaco afferma « A Venezia l’ ospitalità è sacra, puniremo i disonesti»

Maxi bills case. Brugnaro: “Hospitality is sacred in Venice: we will punish these dishonest people”

As soon as he was informed of what occurred to some Japanese tourists at the “Osteria da Luca”, in San Marco 4951, the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, immediately asked the Local Police to start an accurate investigation to clear up the case.

“Once investigations are over, we’ll see what actions we can undertake to defend the good name of Venice – Mr Brugnaro said -. We’ve always been fostering sustainable tourism and we cannot bear that behaviours like these put Venice’s traditional hospitality under a bad light. There are hundreds of restaurants in the historic city alone and we must defend the good name of those behaving honestly, respecting the rules and offering high quality food”.

On Tuesday morning, January 23rd, a unit of the City’s Local Police, jointly with Food Hygiene and Nutrition Team of the Local Health Authority and the Carabinieri Food Fraud Team (NAS), went for an inspection to the Osteria da Luca, in San Marco 4951, where they ascertained and challenged a series of violations which were formally notified and will be charged thousands of euros.

Also on Tuesday, around 2.00 pm, the Japanese-language licensed tour guide, who contributed to the reconstruction of the events that took place on 5 December 2017, was also heard.

“The investigations of the last days revealed a series of different irregularities, of both administrative and hygienic-sanitary nature, which will not only be fined, but also punished with a temporary closure injunction”, explained Ms Stefania Battaggia, Head of the City Dept. of Services for Citizens and Business. Further measures will concern the obligation to restore deficient organizational and structural requirements. The same offices await the conclusion of the investigations related to the  administrative violations, remaining available in case these were more serious, even penal”.

“We invite everyone, from residents to guests of the city- Mayor Brugnaro said- to promptly report any illegal behavior to Local or State Police agents, Carabinieri or to the Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza), in order to protect consumers, but also the large majority of restaurants that are being professional and in full compliance with the rules. Hospitality in Venice is sacred: we will punish these dishonest people, defending the image of the city in every way.”

Source : Comune di Venezia