Il “Silicon Central Mall” a Dubai , firmato da Design International , è il vincitore ( nella categoria Design & Development ) ai MENA Shopping Center Awards

Photo by Cedric Brandt

Silicon Central Mall, designed by Design International, has been awarded by the MENA Shopping Centre Awards in the category Design & Development. The Award identify and honored every year those shopping centre that have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed, set standards of excellence, implement innovation and creativity throughout the industry.

The project, already considered a new landmark in Dubai, represents a step forward in the well-established collaboration between Design International and Lulu Group International, a world-renowned purveyor of an international business portfolio that ranges from hypermarket operations to shopping mall development.

The innovative design of the project is well embedded in the iconography of the place: 5 large dunes inspired by the natural movement of the desert sand frame large internal areas populated by plants, water, and natural light, recreating an oasis in the city.

Lulu Group and Design International, assisted by local practice Eng. Adnan Saffarini Office, have targeted the highest certification possible – LEED Platinum – and therefore paid great attention to create an environmentally friendly project, using state-of-the-art technologies for waste management, energy savings, and a plethora of sustainable services provided within the mall, such as a bio-farming facility and electrical charging stations in the car-parking area.

Davide Padoa, Design International’s CEO, says: “I am thrilled that Design International leaves this landmark in Dubai – one of the most creative cities in the world. Silicon Oasis Authority and Lulu Group have set ambitious sustainable goals for Silicon Central and the efforts of the design and construction teams have been recognised today. The project embraces sustainability and design innovation at once.”

Silicon Central Mall, which opened less than a year ago, has already proven to be a new landmark for the city of Dubai, and this award comes as further confirmation of the project’s innovativeness.

Source : Design International