Zaha Hadid Architects ( oltre 500 professionisti ) si trasforma in un Employee Benefit Trust

“I think there should be no end to experimentation.” Zaha Hadid (2011)  Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has transitioned to employee ownership through our recently established Employee Benefit Trust. Excelling through a period of unprecedented global challenges and growing to a team of more than 500 dedicated professionals, ZHA is built around a deep commitment to the culture of diverse people working collaboratively. This collective, multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving has been a cornerstone of our success since the practice was founded by Zaha Hadid 42 years ago. Zaha’s unwavering optimism for the future and belief in the power of invention is embedded within the DNA of the architectural practice she founded and generously gifted to those who helped her create it – all our employees. With her extraordinary vision for the future and generosity in entrusting the practice to the friends and colleagues with whom she collaborated for several decades, Zaha has empowered every member of our team to nurture, develop and continue the work she began over 40 years ago. As the Trust has no external shareholders, we can now reinvest all profits back into the business, into our people, equipment and facilities to the benefit all our employees; allowing us to prioritise our work with visionary clients, communities and industry experts around the world to advance the quality of the built environment. Building upon the experimentation and pursuit of discovery that Zaha so championed, we embrace new ideas and technologies to deliver a repertoire of projects that become more spatially inventive, more structurally efficient, more technologically advanced and more sustainable with each new design. Younger generations of architects are demanding our profession become more accessible and egalitarian. Supported by independent and transparent organizational systems and structures, employee ownership of ZHA will cultivate the skills and diversity that drives our decision-making and give every member of our team a voice in shaping our future.  
 Source  : Zaha Hadid Architects.