Kaminiarz & Cie. vince il “ German Design Award” per la “ Grand Tower” di Francoforte, il più alto grattacielo residenziale in Germania

The Frankfurt-based office of architecture Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie. Architektur has been chosen as the “German Design Award Winner 2018” for the Grand Tower in Frankfurt am Main, in the architecture category. With a height of 172 metres, the Grand Tower, already under construction, will become Germany’s highest residential tower. The project developer and client involved is the Berlin-based company gsp Städtebau.

The residential tower in Frankfurt’s new Europa district will comprise 47 storeys and 401 apartments, with a gross floor area totalling around 44,000 square metres. The Grand Tower features a concierge service, a “Grand Terrace” garden storey, and a sun terrace as well. Completion is scheduled for 2019.

The Grand Tower has prospects of further awards. It is among the finalists for the 2017/2018 European Property Award. Back in 2016, the Grand Tower was the only German residential property to reach the final round at the World Architecture Festival.

“Valuable new architecture is created only when conscientious work is married to meticulous analysis of the job profile involved, underpinned by a clear methodology. So the Grand Tower is not a creative accident, but rather the result of hard work and a tightly structured procedural approach,” to quote Magnus Kaminiarz, founder, architect and Managing Director of Kaminiarz & Cie.

“An iconic façade, offering both privacy and protection against the wind and the sun, lends the building a unique visual manifestation of dynamic modernity, and constitutes a spectacularly distinctive eye-catcher for the tower. In the shape of the Grand Tower, we are building not only Germany’s highest residential tower, but at the same time a new landmark for the city of Frankfurt am Main,” is how Magnus Kaminiarz explains some aspects of the Grand Tower’s architecture.

Source :  Company