La svedese Catella ha un nuovo Head of Corporate Finance

Current President and CEO Johan Ericsson has been appointed as the new Head of Corporate Finance, one of the two operating segments in Catella. The role will be shared with a person who is to be recruited. The dual leadership structure will enable Catella to focus both on current operations and on business development.
Anders Palmgren will leave his position as Head of Corporate Finance and, as a consequence, his position in the group management of Catella as of today.
As previously communicated Knut Pedersen will succeed Johan Ericsson as President and CEO on 1 January 2014. Johan Ericsson will continue at Catella as responsible for the Corporate Finance operating segment together with a future colleague.
“We are very pleased that Johan Ericsson will be heading our Corporate Finance business. Johan has been instrumental in building Catella’s strong presence, especially within property,” says Johan Claesson, Chairman of the Board.
A process will be initiated to recruit a second person to head the Corporate Finance business, who will share the responsibilities with Johan Ericsson in a dual leadership structure.
“The objective of the dual leadership structure is to give the managers the opportunity to focus on day-to-day business, and at the same time have resources to develop our Corporate Finance business further,” says Johan Claesson.
Catella has a leading position in the property sector and strong local presence in Europe, with 24 offices in 12 countries. Catella will preserve and develop this position through strengthening the local offices, parallel with coordinating the businesses, both between geographies and functions.

Source : Company