La  tedesca The Grounds  vende  il progetto  “Terra Homes”  presso  Berlino

Today, the Grounds Real Estate Development AG concluded a contract to sell the Terra Homes project development in Erkner. Disposal took place in the framework of a forward sale.

The Terra Homes project comprises a total of 34 semi-detached house halves to be constructed from April 2022 onwards. An innovative energy concept ensures especially low energy consumption, for which each has an electrically-powered brine-water heat pump and hybrid collectors (photovoltaic-thermal) to simultaneously generate solar electrical and heating energies.

Jacopo Mingazzini, a member of The Grounds management board, says: “A professional investor’s interest in acquiring our Terra Homes project in its entirety speaks for both the conceptual qualities of the project and for its location. At the same time, we see it as an expression of confidence in the competence of The Grounds as a project developer. In planning the project, we allowed ourselves to be guided mainly by the specific advantages of this location, which is particularly attractive for young families and young couples planning to start a family. Here they will find a natural, welcoming living environment combined with the amenities and professional development opportunities of the nearby metropolis. Both the new Tesla factory and the science and technology facility at Adlershof in the neighbouring Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick can be reached quicky and easily from here. The proceeds from the sale give us a basis on which to significantly strengthen our continuing growth.”

Source :  The Grounds Real Estate Development AG