Long term care : numeri tutti in crescita per ORPEA GROUP

The ORPEA group, one of the main world leaders in long-term care (nursing homes, post-acute and

rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and homecare services), today announces its revenue for

the 2017 financial year ended on 31 December.

In 2017, 15 years on from its IPO, ORPEA reported revenue above its guidance at €3,138 million. It

represents a substantial increase of 10.5%, or close to €300 million in additional revenue. This solid

performance, consistent over the past 15 years, was again driven by a combination of:

– a healthy organic growth of 5.4%, underpinned by the excellent performance of mature facilities,

the ramp-up in facilities opened over the past two years and the opening of 1,900 new beds

(through new builds and restructuration) during the year,

– a dynamic external growth, leading to the acquisitions of Anavita in the Czech Republic,

Dr. Dr. Wagner in Austria, Spitex in Switzerland and independent facilities.

The international business again strongly contributed to revenue growth. In only three years, revenue

generated outside France tripled from €450 million in 2014 to over €1.35 billion in 2017, representing an

average annual growth rate of 45%.

In 2017, this fast-paced business development and growth went hand in hand with increasing profitability.

In 2018, ORPEA will open another new 2,500 beds, including 85% outside France, representing

approximately 20 facilities and extensions. In line with ORPEA’s longstanding strategy, these facilities

located in areas with strong purchasing power, including Europe’s major cities, such as Paris (16th

arrondissement), Prague, Berlin, Milan, Zurich and Veyrier, will meet the highest standards of care and

service quality.

ORPEA again expects a year of active recruitment and job creation thanks to the ongoing opening of new

facilities and strengthening of organisational management. Close to 2,000 new jobs will be created in

Europe, including approximately 400 in France. Most of these jobs are sustainable and cannot be

transferred abroad. They offer substantial career opportunities as a result of the Group’s ambitious

training policy with the creation, in particular, of many diplomas in partnership with renowned


For 2018, ORPEA securely forecasts revenues of €3,400 million, an increase of 8.3% driven by a consistent

solid organic growth and acquisitions

The Group is looking at a number of selective acquisition

opportunities in several countries.

Yves Le Masne, Chief Executive Officer of ORPEA:

“Building on the commitment of our employees to deliver high-quality services worldwide, our loyal

management team and our sound financial flexibility, we will continue to deliver profitable growth in

2018: selective acquisitions, revenue of €3,400 million already secured, and robust profitability, with an

EBITDA margin (as a % of revenue) equal to or above its 2017 level.

Our tremendous potential for creating value comes from:

– the significant additions to our growing pipeline of beds under construction and redevelopment,

which will fuel our organic growth in the future,

– our numerous attractive acquisition projects,

– an organisation and information system geared for international expansion.

We are now in a remarkably good position and are uniquely placed to accelerate our international

expansion and become the world leader in long-term care.

Source : Company