Monaco di Baviera , chiude con numeri record la 20a edizione di EXPO REAL

EXPO REAL 2017, which took place from October 4 to 6, 2017 in Munich, has broken all previous records. 2,003 companies, cities and regions from 35 countries exhibited at the show—13 percent more than in 2016. The mood in the sector is positive and market players are watchful.

“The record figures for EXPO REAL 2017 have reaffirmed the show´s position as the leading sector gathering in Europe: 2,003 exhibitors mean a rise of 13 percent as compared to last year. And more than 41,500 participants is an increase of about 6,1 percent,” reported Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München. “These record figures reflect the buoyancy in the real estate market. At the same time the participants in the show are evidently conscious of the diverse factors that can impact on this boom.”

Economic and political framework
Low interest rates in particular are fuelling this strong growth—and a change in direction is currently not in sight. That was also confirmed by Professor Clemens Fuest from the ifo Center for Economic Studies, who said “the current economic recovery in the eurozone will lead to a slow rise in interest rates, but the high levels of debt and the glut of savers stand against a sweeping and rapid change in interest rates.” Nobel Prize winner Professor Joseph Stiglitz explained: “The basic consensus that guided economic growth in the West is breaking down. This is one of the factors contributing to the uncertainty facing the world today. On-going changes in geopolitics and monetary policy will have profound effects on growth and stability.”

The new REIN Forum: Turbo for digitalization
“We have achieved our aim with the new Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN),” said Claudia Boymanns, Exhibition Director of EXPO REAL. “Start-ups and established companies engaged in close exchange here—and the quality of the digital products and services was truly impressive.” Wolfgang Moderegger, founder and initiator of the Real Estate Innovation Network, added: “The startups offered an overview of new technology trends—for all parts of the value chain in the real estate sector.” EXPO REAL was also an opportunity for the startups to expand their contacts among potential customers. Ahead of the fair, REIN identified 700 international startups, and selected 25 of the best to bring to the show and give them a chance to network with established real estate companies.

EXPO REAL 2017 in figures
More than 41,500 participants from 75 countries (2016: 39,101 / 77) came to the 20th edition of the International Trade Fair for Property and Investment. This is an increase of about 6,1 percent. The total number of participants is made up of 20,011 trade visitors (2016: 18,963) and 21,572 company representatives (2016: 20,138). The top ten countries of origin among the visitors, after Germany, were: UK, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Czech Republic, USA, Luxembourg and Spain.

The total of 2,003 exhibitors (a rise of 13 percent as compared to 1,768 in 2016) came from 35 countries. The top ten countries of origin among the exhibitors, after Germany, were: Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, UK, Romania, France, Hungary, Luxembourg and the USA.

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