Primonial Luxembourg Real Estate espande il suo fondo pan-europeo “ESI” dedicato all’ infrastruttura sociale

The Primonial group, a major player in the management of real-estate assets in Europe, with more than €26 billion in managed assets, and a leader in the healthcare sector with €8 billion in managed assets, is expanding its pan-European “ESI” fund, AIF Luxembourg is dedicated to social infrastructure by acquiring three clinics (Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics) in France as part of a sale & leaseback operation.

The “ESI” fund is a pan-European open-ended institutional fund invested in socially responsible real-estate assets in the healthcare, education and affordable housing sectors in Europe.

With these latest acquisitions, the “ESI” fund now has 26 real-estate assets in France, Germany and Austria, valued at more than €400 million.

The three clinics have a surface area of nearly 29,000 sq. m with a total capacity of 451 beds. They are entirely leased to the Vivalto Santé Group for a fixed term of 12 years. The facilities offer a range of treatments (inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical treatment, cancer treatment, etc.) and have state-of-the-art technical equipment and platforms (scanner, MRI, radiotherapy, particle accelerators, etc.). The properties are located in the cities of Saint-Malo, Brest and Annecy, in dynamic areas with large population basins.

Source : Company