“Real Estate Brand Award 2018”: vince ancora ECE nella categoria “Property Manager Germany”

Another success for ECE as a brand: at the 2018 Real Estate Brand Awards in Berlin, the company was recognized as one of the strongest brands in the real estate sector. For the second time in a row, ECE won the coveted brand diamond in the category “Property Manager Germany.” The award recognizes ECE’s performance in brand positioning and its long-term strategy for brand management.


The award is the result of the Real Estate Brand Value Study, Europe’s largest study of brand value. For this purpose, the European Real Estate Brand Institute researched the positioning of more than 1,400 corporate brands in European real estate for the first time this year, as part of 30 studies, and interviewed more than 94,000 industry experts in 47 countries about the brand management of companies, projects, and locations. In this way, the institute analyzes the positioning of the brands in the competitive environment using established metrics and benchmark-enabled performance indicators. These are used to determine and compare the brand value of the companies surveyed. The Real Estate Brand Awards have been presented since 2009.


“We are very pleased that ECE has received this special recognition as one of the strongest brands in the real estate industry,” said Joanna Fisher, ECE Managing Director for Center Management. “The award shows that we have successfully established and consistently strengthened ECE as a valuable brand with our sustainable, customer-oriented, high-quality services, and rigorous brand management.”


Source : Company