Ritorna al MAPIC , ma solo da scultore, l’ “inventore” del Salone mondiale del retail real estate

Thierry Renault
Thierry Renault

Thierry Renault,  inventore – insieme a Xavier Roy – del MIPIM  e del MAPIC , ritorna a Cannes  per la prossima edizione del Salone del retail real estate, che aprirà per la 19° volta i battenti il 13 novembre   : ma solo da scultore  quale egli è da qualche anno, dopo aver lasciato ( quiescenza !!!) l’ attività  nella  real estate industry .
Ecco come , secondo una Nota diffusa oggi.
«The Petit Bar of the Hotel Carlton will be hosting the works of the sculptor RENO, 12 to 16 November 2013, during the MAPIC trade show, in a setting created by Olivia Hanemian, architect and designer.Become yourself: “and Thierry Renault becomes Reno” Thierry Renault, 63, began his career in banking, where he worked for 15 years before turning his talents to the creation, conception and implementation of international real estate professional exhibitions – MIPIM, MAPIC and MIPIM Asia – and became Deputy Managing Director of the Reed MIDEM company.He enriched his knowledge of culture, art and ethnology thanks to his many travels to the five continents. He could have remained in that business, had he not held a life-long passion for sculpture.  He first tried his hand in 1980 and decided to take the plunge in 2010 by devoting himself entirely to sculpture.  For the last three years he has divided his time between his two workshops, one in the Paris area and the other in Brittany.  Using clay, plaster and stone, he looks for beauty in movement, flow in a body, sensuality in a curve.  The pose for the sculpture, the detail to highlight, are inspired by the by the morphology of the model.
The sculptor explains:  “The feminine Eros is enhanced by the magic of a simple smile, by a wayward hand inviting us to travel far away.  Desire springs from thrill.  To quote Pliny the Elder, thrill is at the root of sculpture.  As a back takes shape, as the muscles of the back appear, stretch and stiffen, so the feminine personality expresses itself. She generously renders her might to us and we can read her like “an open back». Surreptitiously, life springs from within the sculpture”».