The Student Hotel rassicura , si sta facendo il massimo :Refuge, Virtual Education ed Entertainment!

The Student Hotel, has kept all its locations

across Europe open since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic providing a

safe haven for students and others guests stranded and unable to get

home, or choosing not to return to their own countries, as well as health

workers and others, TSH founder and CEO Charlie MacGregor said in an

online operational update video interview.

“We’re going to be open until we don’t have any customers. And then to be

honest, we expect not to close. We’ve reached out to embassies, we’ve reached

out to NGOs, to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross in some cities. We’ve

reached out to the army, local hospitals, of course, doctors and nurses, providing

accommodation for them. We’ve been able to really utilise the fact that we have

resident guests, so we’re not going to close for them, they’ve got nowhere to

go,” Charlie MacGregor said.

“We’ve been able to provide accommodation to people who have been kicked out

of other hotels and we’re trying to help this situation in any way we can, because

it’s a time when everybody’s stepping up,” he added.

The Student Hotel has a total of 14 operating locations across six European

countries including The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy and France,

with more than 5,000 rooms. Although occupation numbers are fluctuating

considerably day-to-day due to varying local pandemic conditions, MacGregor

said there were between 25 to 400 residents staying at TSH locations in

European countries in the week before Easter.

He emphasised that safety is the number one priority for TSH personnel and

guests, with the company putting screens into its receptions, instigating extra

sanitizing of all touchpoints, such as lift buttons and door handles, and enforcing

deep cleaning of rooms and communal areas. All restaurants have been closed,

but TSH still provides breakfast bags at designated pickup tables, or drops these

off outside people’s bedrooms.

“One of our main roles for all of our guests is in really providing a listening ear.

They are in lockdown in quite small spaces, but social distancing is still important

even in the hotels. So, all the activities we normally do in our common spaces,

we’re now doing on our online platform,” he said.

Each TSH hotel has ‘connectors’ who organise community events and this

platform has been taken online and greatly extended from local locations across


“We have language lessons, cooking workshops, mindfulness sessions and stress

relieving clinics. We’ve got keep-fit sessions and parties with DJs holding mini

virtual nightclubs. We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of people signing up to

over-capacity on the online sessions. Everything we did offline we’re now doing

online, which for us as a company is also really interesting, because it’s given us

the opportunity to test these virtual and online tools and really see that they can

work,” MacGregor concluded.

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